Caught in glimpses throughout the various images of the world is the omnipresent destiny which underlies reality. Beneath the layer of destiny is the trend of imperceptible influences, within the depths of those trends is the limitless movement of universal energy. The world of reality and the world of energy are an inter-related pair, and so, to look at it from another point of view, it is the movement of the limitless universal energy that decides a trend, a trend that creates destiny and destiny that changes the direction of our each and every moment

Of those vast and broad connections which lie in the depths of reality that part that is recognised by humanity becomes the everyday knowledge of cause and effect, whilst the part that goes unrecognised is known only as imperceptible influences. Therefore, the act of true creativity is to turn the secrets hidden in the depths of reality into common knowledge, to turn the underlying trend of imperceptible influences into vast and surging waves. On such an artistic journey, the life of the individual naturally blends into one with the objective world, and as a result becomes a journey of freedom.


                                 Zhong Biao, 17th January 2011, Beijing.