Your coming here, is your choice for life to pass through this point.

From the Millennial intersection to the year 2010, time passes as if it were but a moment taken to push back your sleeves, bearing witness to the turbulence, the epic changes of the times; just as it is written in the lyrics of patriotic songs to the motherland, we truly are moving towards prosperity; the Berlin Wall has fallen, countries have been united under the European Union; an earthquake, a tsunami, avian influenza, the financial crisis, 9·11, the unfortunates of the world; the internet has refreshed the world’s destiny, mobile communications have human interactions covered; a cloned sheep was born to the surprise of the world, a parody of Liu Bang’s strategy to cover up one scheme with another; from dirty jokes that fall just short of satisfaction, to the absolute liberation of male and female sexuality, humanity declares the direction; with global warming beginning to melt the Arctic Ocean, we hurry towards the general trend of a low-carbon lifestyle; interactions between life-forms on Pandora reveal the innate harmony of the natural world, a Brief History of Time written by humanity … we, as physical entities, are pre-determined to spend our lives moving between longitude and latitude, occasionally entering into the spacial locations of the departed, overcoming the present, getting up with the cock’s crow, leaving coffee for the thirst, seeing off the setting sun, arriving at the evening of each age. And all of this, is nothing but a passing-by.

Your coming here, is your choice for life to pass through this point.



The past, the present and the future is a pre-existent whole, when we pass through it, we are merely entering into a part of that whole, everything existed long before, and is revealed only in passing.

Behind the scenes of the material world, there lies the fantastic and multifarious fluctuations of the non-material world. There we may travel far, traversing innumerable centuries to arrive at the present moment. We can never return! We can only choose a natural revelation in the moment in which we find ourselves. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe, language and writing hover about the truth, as we hesitate to put it into words, accuracy alters with the alteration of time and space. Returning from the non-material, in the moment before the linen canvas is covered with colour I put down my brush, holding life in my left hand and art in my right.

Return to the Future

My Dearest,

Do you know that right now, in outer space, two thousand light years away from Earth, you can see what happened two thousand years ago by looking through the Hubble Telescope. Heavens! Did you know that? If there were a life-form out there looking down on Earth from afar, they would be able to see what was taking place in the Han Dynasty in China two thousand years ago, for them the battle of the Red Cliff is a future event yet to occur! What about two thousand years later? Perhaps it will be humans looking back to Earth, taking the multitude of images of the present moment to heart. Did you know that? All moments of history will disperse and float out towards the distant stars, to be seen in retrospect from different light years, The past, present and future are co-existent, the delineations of time and space are fading, the material and non-material live together in the world. Confucius can take back his epic lament, “The lost are gone forever”. I am startled, a cold sweat breaks out from the Cambrian period, the ice ages have passed, in this warm spring afternoon, I bid farewell to this discovery. Many years later, people of the future will find signs of commuciation in the places we have passed through, opening up the ancient stories that have laid conealed and pursuing questions of the existence of an eternal truth. At this point we cannot deny that everything will last forever! At this point, we have already returned to the future.