“Only by following the eternal trend of certainty

can artistic creation be reborn in each new present time.”


 “Everything is pre-existent, only revealed in the passing of time.” That is the certain conclusion I drew in 2008. In fact I saw the brilliant exterior of the world as the specific realisation of the state of motion of all the imperceptible influences. This conclusion meant that the direction of my previous works had found their final destination. Thus drawing the traces of the serendipity of images to an end, the trend of events is rebirth.

Ten years or so ago, the real turning point in my artistic direction was my focus on serendipitous meetings. When I saw all phenomena as ruled by chance, searching for the tracks and rules behind the coincidental became the direction of my earnest search. Different times and different areas have different rules for coming together, if we are able to perceive the acting out of that innate order and utilise it in the arrangement of the content of a piece of artwork, we can transcend representations, and therefore not only represent the trials and tribulations of life, but further achieve a state wherein the artwork adopts the natural state of existence, growing and developing naturally, along with the times, endlessly. Because at the depths of certainty are the movements of the boundless potential of the universe.


It is possible to follow the course of serendipity to pay a visit to certainty. If a person says the right thing at the right time, does the right thing upon the right link in the chain, it will effectively act towards the development of their situation.  The word “right” indicates precisely that there is an ever-changing standard out there waiting for us. Beijing dialect often uses the word “reliable”, which in fact means close to the rules, close to those ever-changing standards, close to innate certainty. When we study history it is easy to let oneself memorise times, important figures, major events and other ready-made facts.  Although these ‘roadsigns’ are important, more crucial is the cumulative powers that drive the formation of the road.  They are invisible, yet omnipresent and ever-present, like the meeting and parting of energy, the changes in events, movement of situation, the inter-weaving of relationships, the tides of thought… these unrevealed automatic forces that never rest, are truly driving the realization of history, causing complex and certain reasons to create understandable coincidental results.


We can use the word “form” to better understand the true nature of the inevitable, “state” changes constantly, one could even say that it is in a state of constant movement throughout the universe in all places and at all times, corresponding with the notion of “Tao”.  The hidden undercurrent of history belongs to that “state”, and “form” is the representation and appearance of “state” in actual space-time, while historical facts belong to “form”.

If one were able to grasp the movement of those forces imperceptibly influencing the situation and accurately reveal the “form” of “state” in actual space-time, representations and the truth would join together as one, to be revealed as “History”, those present would become the agents of history, its symbols and representations.  But if we believe we have laid hold of the truth, when really we are only grasping the form of representation, our actions are nullified in the face of constant change, because the moment has passed on and it is only its form that remains.

We are unable to alter the changes of “state”, and can only go along with its revelations. A well-rounded life is one combined with “state”, revealing its form when it acts, and follows its state when at peace, which could be called freedom. The relationship between form and state is in fact the eternal connection between the inevitability of rules and the coincidence of phenomena. It is also the direction of art and life.

So-called reality, includes perceptible and imperceptible reality. Imperceptible reality refers to unrevealed potential and the movement of the trend of events, which is the true force behind the revelation of things.

Even though we can use concepts to express a perceptible history (the facts) and an imperceptible history (the situation), what comes closer is not an expression but the actual relationship in a piece of artwork. Therefore, perhaps we can bring the agnostic to the perceptible world through incomplete images and completed forms.  The colours flourish recklessly along with my feelings and movements, semi-automatically the action of painting ceases to represent our reality, the fervour on the canvas is reality itself, each moment of the present eclipsing the past, living in the present, planning the future. It differs from an abstract idea in that “abstraction” is an artificial action performed on a completed image, it is a refinement; the incomplete image contains the changing state before completion, it is growth.

When the changes in an incomplete image call out to or promote the power of imagery, my semi-automatic act of painting is completed, and I begin to follow the situation that is already present in the painting to seek out the opportunities created by form, obeying the logic of fate as I work. My new works return to the chaotic state before the birth of images. Naturally, it could also be understood as a return trip to chaos. In fact, the deeper and more extreme the realisation of any artistic form, the greater its limitations, as soon as a piece is finished its possibilities are manifest, its growth is terminated. Primal chaos is unlimited, its moevements are unfettered!

Fait acompli are the current result of the movements of the universe, or to put it another way, a collective effect promotes all changes, they are not the result of a single factor, you could even say that the past traces from the beginning of the universe to the present to its future development are the limitless cause behind all fait accompli. This understanding of things does not intend to complicate the matter, but to discover the certain trends behind existence by pursuing the relationship between cause and event.


I attempt to draw closer to the variable origin of change through my art, because seeking the way through technique is the journey to combine the individual life of the realisation and the hidden rules of nature.